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Stafford MC

MC, Rapper & Host

Paul “Stafford MC” Stafford is a muti-genre MC, Host, Rapper and Vocalist based in South Yorkshire, UK.

Paul’s love for the rave scene started out 2002 in his bedroom at the age of 14 on an old tape deck listening to various tapes from Dizstruxshon, Uprising and TFI. He would acquire these however he could; whether it was swapping  with class mates, double taping or buying them from the legendary Rhythm Nation shop in his home town of Doncaster.

After a few years of doing this he worked up to buying a set of decks, a mixer and a microphone 2005. At this time he dabbled in the DJ’ing side of things and he regularly ventured to Rhythm Nation and Reflex Records in Sheffield.

Eventually Paul decided that DJ’ing wasn’t for him and aged around 17-18 he started to practice MC’ing taking inspiration from local legends such as ELL, Domer, Space, Natz and Marcus. At this point being a professional MC wasn’t really an aspiration for Paul “it was just for a mess around before or after the raves”.


At age 19-20 Paul stepped it up a notch took it a bit more seriously and for the first time he was venturing out to radio shows and at one point even co-ran two online radio stations (Vibetek radio & Hardcore Asylum).

2006 After requesting a set in room 2 at the mighty Uprising (Adelphi) he met a promoter of an event called Phutura. From there he began to do Phutura events up and down the country meeting a lot more contacts along the way and had the privilege to mc for some big names in the scene such as Kurt & joey riot.

Paul continued writing lyrics, practicing, handing out demos and doing radio shows. An open mic slot in Goole at Rawcus 2008 was snapped up and became a new residency.

One night while performing at Rawcus he met a man named Kirk who happened to be a talent spotter for some of the North’s biggest brands such as TFI and Dizstruxshon. This meeting eventually led to a last minute main stage Dizstruxshon booking and subsequently a residency there for around 2 years.

Whilst holding this residency Paul learnt a lot about performing and hosting (‘Karl MC Space taught me a lot’). Paul also hosted the Doncaster Warehouse club industry nights performing alongside people like Sam Punk and M-zone. Paul also went on to perform on main stages all over the North of England.

By 2013 Paul began focusing on studio work with his close friend Moses Olivier (M3-O) and in 2014 had his first track feature “Kronic ft. Stafford MC – This Is Our Sound”. Eventually in 2015 Paul invested in his own vocal recording set up and by 2017 had released his first Rap/Grime album “Stafford MC - The World We Live In” and been signed to the mighty GTYM label.  

Paul also featured on the GTYM “Unleashed” album in 2018. Into 2019 he also featured on the "Undeniable" and "Surrounded By The Lasers" albums.


Paul continues to hit the studio when he can between work and daddy duties and has a lot more material in the pipeline for release!



The World We Live In


*Solo rap album




*Track Feature




*2 Track features


Surrounded By

The Lasers


*3 Track feature


Our Sound - The Album USB

*4 Track features



  1. Kronic feat. MC Stafford - This Is Our Sound [Unreleased] 2012

  2. Onex & Trax ft. Stafford MC – Fly On The Mic [Xtreme Digital Hard] 2014

  3. Pykee ft. Stafford MC – Dark & Dingy [QuedUp Records] 2015

  4. Joey Riot & Si-Anite ft. Stafford MC – You Got Da Luv [Uprising Digital] 2016

  5. Rob IYF X Stafford MC – What It’s Come To [GTYM] 2018

  6. Psychosis & Jay-G ft. Stafford MC - Get Your Hands Up [TiOS Digital] 2019

  7. M3-O ft. V-Star & Stafford MC - Undeniable [TiOS Digital] 2019

  8. M3-O ft. Stafford MC - Shout Out To You Neighbours [TiOS Digital] 2019

  9. Jay G ft. Stafford MC - Surrounded By The Lasers [TiOS Digital] 2019

  10. Kronic feat. MC Stafford - This Is Our Sound (M3-O Classic Update) [TiOS Digital] 2021

  11. M3-O & Swiss T ft. Farisha & Stafford MC - Folding Time [TiOS Digital] 2021

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