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DJ, Producer, MC & Host

Ian “Psychosis” Hazelden is a DJ, Producer, MC and Host based in Merseyside, UK.

Ian first came across Hardcore back in 1995 when he used to attend legendary venues and events such as Club Kinetic, Dizstruxshon, Uprising and Vibealite.

In 2009, after years on the dance-floor, Ian took a step back from raving to focus on family life.

After a 6 year break from the scene he decided in 2015 to try his hand at producing.  Ian quickly became ‘addicted to making music’ and for the past few years he has had around 15 official releases with different labels including We Are One Digital, Total Hardcore Digital and TiOS.

His chart achievements include a No.1 and a few No.10s and he has also had tracks featured on the “Album 21” and “Future State Hardcore V3” albums.

In 2017 Ian won the first ever Horizon DJ competition securing himself a residency with the event where is well known for playing full sets of his own productions.

Ian has achieved loads in his relatively short time this side of the crowd barrier and he has plenty more to come for sure!





*Track Feature


Album 21


*Track Feature


Surrounded By

The Lasers


*Track feature


  1. Psychosis - ROCK IT [BGR] 2016

  2. Psychosis & Jay G - Feel The Music [HSR] 2016

  3. Psychosis - Body Snatchers [HRD] 2016

  4. Psychosis - Turn Up The Bass [TFP] 2016

  5. Psychosis, Ballistic & Kombustion - Lost in Space [TFP] 2016

  6. Wyld & Psychosis - Aztec Gold [TFP] 2016

  7. Psychosis - Put Ya Hands Up [HSR] 2017

  8. Psychosis - The One Who Knocks [HSR] 2017

  9. Wyld & Psychosis - From Within [HSR] 2017

  10. Psychosis - Bring The Beat Back [THD] 2017

  11. Psychosis - Take The Sound [THD] 2017

  12. Psychosis - Out my head [gabber] 2017

  13. Psychosis - Pump up the volume [TIOS] 2018

  14. Psychosis - Go Ham [WEO] 2018

  15. Psychosis - Psychodelic [TiOS Digital] 2018

  16. Danny R-Core – All Your Everything (Psychosis Remix) [TiOS Digital] 2018

  17. Psychosis - Darkside [TiOS Digital] 2018

  18. Psychosis – Let You Suffer [TiOS Digital] 2018

  19. Psychosis – Masters Of The Hardcore Universe [TiOS Digital] 2018

  20. Psychosis & Jay G ft. Stafford MC - Get Your Hands Up [TiOS Digital] 2019

  21. Wyld - Warface (Psychosis Remix) [TiOS Digital] 2019

  22. KidTek - Time Out (Psychosis Remix) [TiOS Digital] 2019

  23. Psychosis - Wait For Me [TiOS Digital 2021]