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Aidon "DJ" Tindle is a UK Hardcore, Powerstomp and Bounce DJ/Producer based in South Yorkshire, UK.

Growing up in the early 00s in town of Doncaster (UK), Aidon was no stranger to the sounds coming from local rave brands such as T.F.I. Friday and Uprising. He would borrow cassette tapes from older friends where he found his preference for the early UK Hardcore sound.

In 2007 at the age of 15 he began learning to MC and by the age of 16 he had won a local under 18s competition called “Teenblast” and subsequently landed his first booking.

As time went on Aidon became increasingly interested in the DJ’ing and began turning up at local youth clubs to learn the art of mixing music. Eventually in 2008 he acquired his own DJ set up and continued his learning.

In 2019, after meeting a new group of likeminded friends, Aidon began pushing himself. He eventually did his first DJ booking at a local event he ran with a friend called “Out for the Bounce”, where his talent was spotted by a local DJ called Andy Mac AKA Sik Individual. Impressed with Aidon’s talent behind the decks, Andy Mac invited Aidon to play a set at a local bar called “Joey’s” where Andy managed the music side of things. After ‘blowing the roof off’ Aidon was quickly offered a resident spot playing every Friday and Saturday. He went from strength to strength playing several events around his local area including the legendary Doncaster Warehouse as well as playing as far away as Wigan.

Since then Aidon has played all over the UK and beyond, including at the Unity In The Sun festival as a TiOS artist in Kavos, Greece 2020 and 2022.

Aidon is also learning music production and he still has a lot more to offer as an artist. Watch this space!


  1. Tindle & Resolution - Hold Me Forever [Acceleration Digital] 2022

  2. Tindle & Resolution - Sweet Dreams [Acceleration Digital] 2022

  3. Tindle - Chains & Whips [Acceleration Digital] 2022

  4. Tindle & Resolution - Easy On Me [Acceleration Digital] 2022

  5. Oceanlab - Satellite (M3-O & Tindle Remix) [Independent Release] 2022

  6.  Drum Soul & Joe Santos - Sexy Bitch (M3-O & Tindle Remix) [Independent Release] 2022

  7. Tindle - Mortal Kombat [Acceleration Digital] 2022

  8. Tindle - Entertainment [Acceleration Digital] 2022

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