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MC & Host

Antony “MC Messy” Wright is a UK Based, multi-genre, MC and Host.

Antony discovered Hardcore when his uncle introduced him to the Bonkers albums and Thunderdrome CDs at age 9.

A short while later, inspired by the likes of MC Storm, Wizzkid, Static, Enemy and many others Antony first started his MC career on Krafty Radio in 2009.


By 2012 he got his first residency at Forever Hardcore, in Leicester. This eventually led to him performing at pre-parties for Ravers Reunited and gaining residencies at Be Happy, Happy Days and DNA.

Antony has also had regular bookings over the years at events such as Subb Sonic and HVR to name a couple. He has also had the privilege of performing with some major acts such as Gammer, Dougal, Kurt, Joey Riot and Scott Brown; as well as co-producing tracks such as, “Topkat & Messy vs Ben X-Treme - The Monster”, “Waiting All Night (BXT & Messy Remix)” and featuring vocals on “Ben X - Treme Ft. Messy - Fight For Trust” and “Joey Riot & CSL Ft. Messy – All I Need Is Hardcore”.

In 2019 Antony released his first label single in collaboration with fellow TiOS artist M3-O

("M3-O ft. MC Messy - The Wrong Rave")


Antony loves all things music which has led him on a path of not only MC’ing but also DJ’ing other styles of music at home. If it has a beat he’s there!



Our Sound - The Album USB

*1 Track features



  1. Ben X - Treme Ft. Messy - Fight For Trust [Independent Release] 2013

  2. Topkat & Messy vs Ben X-Treme - The Monster [Independent Release] 2014

  3. Waiting All Night (BXT & Messy Remix) [Independent Release] 2014

  4. Joey Riot & CSL ft. Messy – All I Need Is Hardcore [Unreleased] 2014

  5. M3-O ft. MC Messy - The Wrong Rave [TiOS Digital] 2019

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