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DJ & Producer

Brian “LIL Bri” Holt is a multi-genre DJ/Producer based in the UK.

Brian first discovered the love of Oldskool Hardcore at an early age thanks to his older cousin lending him cassette tape recordings of legendary DJs such as Carl Cox. At age 12 he got his first set of Technics turntables. Inspired and encouraged by his father, a professional publican, Bri began playing at pub discos. At the same time he received guidance on the world of mixing by various people including UFO, John Doe, Ramos and Mr Hyde who would pass white labels on to Bri from the various distributors like Alphamagic.

In 1993 aged 14 Brian played his first proper gig at Jollies Nightclub in Southampton alongside Ramos, Supreme, MC Marley and Mr Hyde with MC knight. Despite having to be chaperoned by his father and leave almost immediately after his set Bri had felt the buzz of being an artist and his path was set. Brian went on to perform at mobile gigs and end of term Youth Club parties until 1996.

In 1997 Bri won 3rd place in the Paradox DJ competition Hoglands Park Festival Southampton which ran for a series of heats over 12 weeks. His 3rd place prize was a set on Max FM on James Zabiela’s show that lead to residencies at Barmuda for Hightide and Paradox Entertainment.

By the year 2000 Brian had created his own event brand called +12 Promotions. Things took off and he was playing near enough every week and having the opportunity to work with some amazing people all over the scene as well as playing at some incredible venues/events including Ministry of Sound (London), HTID in the Sun and Hardcore Heaven.

In 2006 Bri decided to start learning how to produce. After playing many gigs over the years, in 2010, Brian left the UK to go travelling in Australia. Whilst in Australia he had the pleasure of being resident on the legendary Kon Tiki Party Boat. At the time Brian’s talents as a DJ were noticed by another promoter which eventually led to a set at the world-renowned Full Moon Party in Thailand in 2011.

In 2015 Bri had his first official releases and by 2018 he had 11 releases in collaboration with likes of Joey Riot, MOB and Outforce under his belt.

Now after a few years away from the UK Hardcore scene Bri is winding up to make a comeback with his productions as well as his live performance sets he’s been working on. Keep an eye on this guy, he is set impress.


  1. Joey Riot, Paul EP & LIL Bri – Be Alone [No Retreat, No Surrender Records] 2015

  2. MOB & LIL Bri – Pachino [No Retreat, No Surrender Records] 2015

  3. MOB, Inspiration & LIL Bri – Footprints [No Retreat, No Surrender Records] 2015

  4. MOB, Inspiration & LIL Bri – Footprints [LW Recordings] 2016

  5. MOB & LIL Bri – Pachino [Totally Ardcore Records] 2017

  6. MOB & LIL Bri – Right Here [Totally Ardcore Records] 2017

  7. Outforce & LIL Bri – Ice Cold [Totally Ardcore Records] 2018

  8. Joey Riot, Paul EP & LIL Bri – Be Alone [Totally Ardcore Records] 2018

  9. Owen Edge & LIL Bri – Straight Through The Light [Totally Ardcore Records] 2018

  10. Owen Edge & LIL Bri – I’m Sorry [Totally Ardcore Records] 2018

  11. Owen Edge & LIL Bri – Just Dance [Totally Ardcore Records] 2018

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