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DJ & Producer

Sadie “Hypo-Tinx” Putson is a DJ and Producer based in Wales, UK.

Sadie started listening to Hardcore music when she was 13 and has had a passion for it ever since.

In 2011 she taught herself to mix on vinyl turntables as a hobby to begin with and by 2015 she had played her first set and was made resident for a local event called “Full-Stomp”.

In 2016 Sadie had her first official track release with “Wyld & Hypo-Tinx – Alrighty Then” on Redemption Recordz.

Sadie went on to play at numerous events throughout 2016/17 including “Ravinitis”, “Core Vibes”, “Vinyl Daze”, “Core Unity” and “Fusion” along side some massive acts such as Hixxy, Sy and Slipmatt to name a few.

In early 2018 she came 2nd in the Subb Sonic competition and also launched her own event brand “Hypocore” in Birmingham. In the same year Sadie also released her second track “Hypo-Tinx vs Mr Ripley – Dirty Iccle Freaks” as an independent free download.

In 2019 Sadie played her first international set at Unity In The Sun playing a couple B2B sets with Sc@r and Deelicious. Also after working on her production Sadie landed 2 album features on "Dark Shadows: The Others" and "Surrounded By The Lasers" in the same year!

Sadie loves playing fast paced energy infused sets and is renowned for supporting new producers and fresh music.

This lady has a lot more to give and is a solid member of the TiOS family!


The Others-1570704163275.jpg

Dark Shadows: the others


*1 Track Feature


Surrounded By

The Lasers


*1 Track feature


Our Sound - The Album USB

*1 Track features



  1. Wyld & Hypo-Tinx  - Alrighty Then [Redemption Recordz] 2016

  2. Hypo-Tinx vs Mr Ripley – Dirty Iccle Freaks [Independent Release] 2018

  3. Hypo-Tinx & X-Cyte - 2 The Top [TiOS Digital 2019]

  4. Headsplitterz & Hypo-Tinx - The Demogorgon [24/7 Hardcore] 2019

  5. X-Cyte & Hypo-Tinx - Bast*rd Bitch [TiOS Digital] 2019

  6. X-Cyte & Hypo-Tinx - What You Can't Have [TiOS Digital] 

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