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TiOS Podcast: Episode 6 (July 2022)

Featuring: a TiOS track showcase intro with this episode's host M3-O as well as an interview with TiOS MC/Vocalist Praetor and a Makina gust mix from DJ Jim... Enjoy!

TiOS Podcast: Episode 5 (June 2020)

Featuring: a TiOS track showcase intro with this episode's host Kevin Instinct. The oldskool legend and UK Dance boss man Jamie Ritmen tells us a bit about himself among other things! DJ Sc@r hits the guest mix spot.

TiOS Podcast: Episode 4 (May 2020)

"The UK Lockdown Edition" Featuring: a 15min intro mix with  M3-O. Scarred Digital boss lady, DJ Sc@r, gives us an interview on past current and future and DJ Tindle drops some absolute fire in the guest mix spot...

TiOS Podcast: Episode 3 (Oct 2018)

Featuring: a 13min intro mix with  host M3-O. MC Thunda tells us about  his inspiration as well as some words on his break from Lethal Theory and Danny R-Core gives us a producer showcase mix...

TiOS Podcast: Episode 2 (April 2018)

Featuring: a 10min power mix with host M3-O. Stafford MC gives an insight into his inspiration as well as  the BPM and MC debates. Chubby Choons artist Disorder Lee drops a fire bomb of a guest mix...

TiOS Podcast: Episode 1 (Jan 2018)

Featuring: an intro mix with this episode's host M3-O, an exclusive interview with UKHC Vocalist V-Star and a 30min guest mix from Dawes...

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