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DJ, MC & Producer

Colin “Codge” Gray is a multi-competition winning, multi-genre DJ, MC and producer based in Devon, UK.

Colin was first introduced to rave music at the turn of the millennium when he was 10 years old. He used to ‘steal’ his aunt’s Raindance tape packs and ‘fell in love instantly’. At that point all of his friends were into Hardcore and at the age of 12 Colin heard a Breeze & Styles tape pack and that’s when his love specifically for Hardcore began. He made regular trips to Reflex Records to buy albums, tape packs and CD packs. He also covered his room in event flyers and didn’t listen to anything but Hardcore.

At the age of 15/16, his cousin’s ID in hand, he managed to attend his first event. Colin was impressed by the music, atmosphere and everyone getting along with each other without judgment. 

In 2017, after a number of years being a raver and having a dabble MC’ing at house parties, Colin stumbled on a basic all-in-one DJ set up on eBay. He practiced whenever he could, learning to beat match within 3 months. At that point one of his friend called “NU-E” invited him around to teach him some extra DJ skills. Shocked about Colin’s raw talent, his friend introduced him to a promoter and after playing an impressive private set B2B with Dezza the promoter immediately booked them both to perform at his event called “Royal Ravers”. 

With that joint booking Colin started meeting up with Dezza to practice together. The duo “Dezza & Codge” was born. The pair decided to post a promo mix for the event on SoundCloud and before they had performed at the even they received a booking for another event called “DNA”. After that ‘things went mad’ with them getting a number of bookings as a duo as well as Colin playing his first solo set at Clarkey’s “Nocturnal” event. 

At Nocturnal, Colin met MC Tupz who took a demo from him and handed it out to a few promoter in his home town of Plymouth, which led to more bookings.

In 2018 Dezza & Codge entered the “Music is Life” and “Adrenaline Stompers” DJ competitions and came first place in both.  Colin also got made resident of “Hardcore Reborn” and the infamous “2 Rude for Radio” as well as landing a booking at “Born 2 be Hardcore”.

Colin gets regular bookings all over the UK and as well as holding residencies he has also made a number of tracks as part of the “Dezza & Codge” duo showing great level of positive contribution to the local scene.

As a TiOS artist, Codge is set to make more waves.


  1. Codge - Filth [Eternally Hardcore] 2020

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