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Sik Individual


Andrew “Sik Individual” McIntyre is a UK Hardcore, Powerstomp and Bounce DJ based in South Yorkshire, UK.

Growing up in the 90s in the town of Doncaster that was infused with the sounds of underground music, it wasn’t long before Andrew found his love for the harder sounds.

It all started in 1996 when his cousin gave him a cassette tape called “Tik Tok Mark EG”. From then on he spent most of his weekly pocket money in his local rave shop Rhythm Nation.

Andrew bought tape packs from all of the popular events such as Dreamscape, Helter Skelter and Disztruxshon. At this point his favourite genre was Hard Trance which he still maintains is ‘the greatest sound ever invented’.

Many years later in 2018 He decided he wanted to learn to DJ – he bought a pair of decks and proceeded to learn the art of mixing. By 2019 Andrew had landed a residency in a local bar called Joey’s which caters for some of the harder sounds of dance. He has also run 4 successful events as a promoter at Joey’s bar and continues to hold his residency.

In the same year he joined and helped build the Facebook streaming page “Mash-Up Radio” providing a platform for bedroom DJs to ‘get their name out’. With the Mash-Up Radio brand he has held 3 successful events including one at at the “Kashmir Lounge” in Amsterdam.

By the end of 2019 Andrew had also released 36 promo DJ mixes clocking up over 30,000 plays and capturing the attention of the scene.

Though he loves playing clubs and events his love for music is stretches beyond the spectrum of DJ’ing. As well as a promoter/DJ he is always looking for other ways to express himself musically including learning to produce the sounds he loves.

Keep your eye out for more positive movements and serious label promotion from this guy!

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