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  • Best Value

    Ultimate VIP Pack

    All our subscription packs rolled into one!
    • Unlimited access to ALL subscription packs... That simple!
  • M3-O's VIP Digi Pack

    VIP access to M3-O's digital releases.
    • ALL official single releases
    • ALL unofficial single releases
    • ALL artist album releases
    • Selected exclusive unreleased material
    • ALL released DJ mixes
    • Exclusive offers on products from the TiOS Store
  • TiOS Digital Pack

    Access to TiOS Digital label releases.
    • ALL official TiOS releases (Digital Only)
    • ALL TiOS album releases (Digital Only)
    • Selected unofficial & exclusive unreleased material
    • TiOS mixes (Digital Only)
    • Special offers on certain physical TiOS Store Products
  • TiOS Events

    Subscription with some great benefits at our events!
    • Discounted tickets to TiOS Events
    • Automatic entry into guest list draw
    • Get direct info on TiOS Events
    • Discount on released event recordings

*see the full benefits of each subscription below





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TiOS Digital Pack Subscription Benefits Explained:

ALL official single releases (Digital Only) - You will have unlimited access to all official releases from the TiOS Digital label (tracks with catalogue numbers that are officially released through retailers such as Beatport and Spotify) past, present and future in digital format (.wav, .mp3 etc).

ALL unofficial single releases (Digital Only) - You will have unlimited access to all unofficial releases from the TiOS Digital label (tracks not officially released through labels and/or retailers) past, present and future in digital format (.wav, .mp3 etc).

ALL album releases (Digital Only) - You will have unlimited access to all of the TiOS Digital label official albums past, present and future in digital format (.wav, .mp3 etc).

Before purchasing please read the full terms & conditions and Subscription Code of Conduct here:

Selected exclusive & unreleased material (Digital Only) - You will have unlimited access to exclusive and unreleased material past, present and future exclusive to this subscription pack.

ALL released DJ mixes (Digital Only) - You will have unlimited access to a selection of released and unreleased DJ mixes in digital format (.wav, .mp3 etc) past, present and future.

Exclusive offers on physical products - You will have access to exclusive promo codes for selected physical products in the TiOS Store.

Before purchasing please read the full terms & conditions and Subscription Code of Conduct here:


すべての公式シングルリリース(デジタルのみ) -M3-Oのすべての公式リリース(BeatportやSpotifyなどのレーベルや小売店を通じて公式にリリースされたカタログ番号のトラック)にデジタル形式(.wav、 .mp3など)。ほとんどの場合、これらのトラックは、公式の一般リリース日よりも早く利用できるようになります。







TiOS Events Subscription Benefits Explained:

10% discounts on TiOS run events - You will have 10% discounts on tickets for events owned and run by TiOS Events.​ Simply purchase event tickets through the Our Events page whilst signed into your account.

Automatic entry to guest list draw - Every event we deliver will have a selected number of guest list (free entry) slots specifically for subscribers. By subscribing you will automatically be entered into the guest list draw for every event. If you are chosen, you will be contacted via email and offered a guest list slot, which you can confirm via a return email.

Discount on released event recordings - When a TiOS Event recording is made available for purchase subscribers will be offered a discount in the form of a discount code sent via email. Simply enter the code at the checkout when purchasing the recordings from Our Store.

Please read the full Subscription T&Cs available on this page and the Event Tickets T&Cs available at the bottom of any page on our website.

Ultimate VIP Pack Subscription Benefits Explained:

Everything! - You will have unlimited access to all our subscriptions and benefits for a single price - it really is that simple.


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