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MC, Vocalist & DJ

Andrew “Praetor” Langham is an MC, Vocalist and DJ based in South Yorkshire, UK.

From an early age Andrew enjoyed singing and performing. He regularly took part in the school choir as well as entering every talent competition he could while on family holidays. Music in particular was an integral part of growing up for Andrew and after several attempts at learning instruments he realised his voice was his instrument.

By the time he reached high school in 1994 the “rave culture” had caught his ear and in 1999, at the age of 16, he got his first pair of turntables and was learning the art of mixing.

At the age of 18 Andrew accepted a job as a “Redcoat” at Butlins which fed his thirst for the stage and brought him to the forefront of himself as a singer and performer.

In 2003 Andrew returned to his hometown of Doncaster where he picked his DJing back up and started his own event called “Xscape” which he ran for about a year.  After that he was performing at local events under his DJ alias “Mixologist” and his MC alias “Drew Storm” as well as starting a second event called “Nostalgia”.

Yearning to feed his passion for singing and stage performance, in 2007/8, Andrew became the front man for a rock band called “The Beeds”. This took him on a ride he ‘will treasure forever’. For 7 years he performed at venues and events across Yorkshire including Doncaster’s Keepmoat Stadium and Fake Festival. As well as recording around 40 tracks the band also took part in SKY TV’s “Music in You” show.

Fast forward to the creation of “Mix HQ” in 2016 and MC “Praetor” was born.  Since then Andrew has been performing across the country on live streams and at events with his unique style and instantly recognisable voice.


Now, pushing more into the vocalist category, recording and releasing some exciting new projects with the TiOS team he is set to make his mark and show his full potential as a fantastic artist!



Our Sound - The Album USB

*1 Track features



  1. Powerbounce Feat Praetor - Just Let Go [Independent Release] 2020

  2. BenAddikt Ft Praetor - Marvel Vs DC [Independent Release] 2020

  3. M3-O ft. Praetor - Fine in Time [TiOS Digital] 2021