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MC Starscream

MC & Host

Liam "Starscream" Johnson is an MC and Host based in England, UK.

Liam was first exposed to “Rave” music in 1995. He was given a cassette tape by a family friend and fell in love with the music at the tender age of 7. Liam would frequently listen to the tape under his covers in order to hear it over his step dad’s Bob Marley records.

In 2008, Liam first tried his hand as an MC at an under 18’s event run by Jade Youth Centre in Kiveton Park near Rotherham, South Yorkshire where “Skegster” (Uprising resident) encouraged him to record a set with a DJ.

“MC Nitro” was born and from then on Liam continued to perform at Jade as well as a number of local events. In the same year Liam had the opportunity to perform on the main stage at one of the region’s most legendary events, Uprising.

With Liam’s passion evolving he decided to change his stage name in 2012. Enter “Starscream” with a new outlook on his future as an artist. Under his new alias Liam stepped up a level gaining residencies at Remedy and Subb Sonic; as well as performing with well-known artists such as Scott Brown and Klubfiller.

In 2015 he finally got into the studio to record his first track “Pykee feat. Mc Starscream - Hardstyle Crusader” which was released on “Qued Up Records” which was released as an EP featuring remixes from the likes of “ED ET & DTR” and the late “Dj Vorny”. In the same year he also featured on the track “Pykee feat. Mc Starscream - MKDJ” which was released on “Dirtbox Digital”. Both tracks charted at No.1 on Trackitdown!

After an 18 month break from music due to personal reasons, Liam returned in July 2017 with a renewed passion. In October he won the Subb Sonic – “Curse of the Castle” competition with DJ’s Reflux & Pierce gaining him a spot at the “One Big NYE” event.

In November 2017 Liam was signed to TiOS Digital (1 of the first artists to be signed to the label) where he had his most notable single “M3-O feat. Starscream – Life’s Amazing”. In 2019 he left the music industry to focus work and family life.
In late 2020 Liam’s music energy began to stir once again, and he began quietly writing and practicing his craft again whilst working behind the scenes with TiOS artists. He’s back! 






*Artist album


  1. DJ Pykee ft. MC Starscream – MKDJ [Dirtbox Digital] 2015

  2. DJ Pykee ft. MC Starscream – Hardstyle Crusader [QuedUp Records] 2015

  3. DJ Pykee ft. MC Starscream – Hardstyle Crusader (Vorny Remix) [QuedUp Records] 2015

  4. ​DJ Pykee ft. MC Starscream – Hardstyle Crusader (D-Grove Remix) [QuedUp Records] 2015

  5. ​DJ Pykee ft. MC Starscream – Hardstyle Crusader (Ed E.T. & D.T.R Remix) [QuedUp Records] 2015

  6. M3-O ft. MC Starscream – Life's Amazing [TiOS Digital] 2017

  7. M3-O ft. MC Starscream – Life's Amazing (Album Update) [TiOS Digital] 2019