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Kevin Instinct

Producer, DJ & Vocalist

Kevin Instinct is a UK/Happy Hardcore producer, DJ and vocalist based in the UK.


After discovering Breakbeat and Happy Hardcore in the mid-90s, Kev had his first experience on vinyl decks in 1999 and was hooked from the start.


By 2002 Kev had decided that he wanted to do more than just mix records. Shortly after he undertook a music production course in a local recording studio called "Higher Rhythm" ran by local producers / engineers, Steve Mundin & Alex Dean. After finishing the course with top marks in half the allocated time the studio team pushed Kev and offered him a job there.

His path was firmly locked in and from 2003 - 2006, Kev was a studio engineer and course tutor for Higher Rhythm.

Meanwhile Kev was also working on his own music and DJ skills (gaining a reputation locally for his scratching abilities). By this time, Kev was getting regular bookings at various hardcore (& trance) private parties, Clubs and events across South Yorkshire such as TFI Friday, Generate, HardcoreHolics & more! Kev was also greatly privileged to be able to perform at the National Centre For Popular Music in Sheffield, before it sadly closed its doors.

In 2009 Kev started his own record label “Clubscape” and his first release "In Your Arms" hit number 3 in the Trackitdown top 100 hardcore charts! It was followed by another release called "Rockin' In The Club" which also charted at number 7!


The two tracks were noticed by Jamie Ritmen (Clubland X-Treme Hardcore) who ran UK Dance Records (previously Force & Styles' label). Jamie suggested a collaboration with Kev which led to a track called "Bring The Light" being released on UK Dance Records in 2010. The track charted and stayed at number 2 in the Slammin' Vinyl Hardcore Charts for 12 weeks, only kept away from the top spot by Ultrabeat & Darren Styles!


After that Kev made an original track called "Please Don’t Walk Away" for which he produced, wrote & performed the vocal. That track also charted in the top 100 and went to number 4! Building on this success Kev  teamed up with his friend at the time (now partner), Channing and produced another original track called "Breathe Again" which charted at number 6 in the top 100 hardcore tracks!


In 2017, following 3 more years of pure studio graft, Kev came up with an original track called "Breathless" which attracted positive reviews from Evolution Records bossman, Scott Brown. This led to Kev being instantly signed to “Total Hardcore Digital” under the condition that he would supply more tracks. Which Kev did. He made various new tracks such as: “U & Me” (ft Channing), “Push Em Up”, “My Heart” (his own vocal), “This Euphoria” (ft Hypertrax & US artist and queen of happy hardcore, Zoe Van West), He then made a track with Zoe Van West called "Heroes" which was Zoe's opening track at the mighty Metrocon event in Florida, USA. She also performed "This Euphoria" at the same event.


As  well as re-launching the mighty UK Dance Records in mid 2017, Kev has been signed to TiOS Digital which is ran by Kev’s longtime friend and childhood school buddy, Moses "M30" Olivier.


Kev has many more releases to come on UK Dance, Total Hardcore & TIOS and has more forthcoming projects with Zoe Van West, Jamie Ritmen, Hypertrax, Ultravibes, Brady, M30, V-Star, Channing, SonicSound, Nylar & many more!


  1. Jamie Ritmen & Kevin Instinct – Bring The Light (Don’t Stop) [UK Dance Records] 2010

  2. Kevin Instinct ft. Channing – Is It True [Yorkshire Core Records] 2015

  3. Kevin Instinct, Rasper & Golly ft. Channing – Endless Fellin’ [Yorkshire Core Records] 2016

  4. Kevin Instinct ft. Channing – The Only One [Yorkshire Core Records] 2016

  5. Rasper ft. KIM – Hardcore Love (Kevin Instinct Remix) [Voices Of Hardcore] 2016

  6. Kevin Instinct – Push Em Up [Total Hardcore Digital] 2017

  7. Kevin Instinct – My Heart [Total Hardcore Digital] 2017

  8. Kevin Instinct ft. Zoe VanWest – This Euphoria [Total Hardcore Digital] 2017

  9. Kevin Instinct ft. Channing – U & Me [Total Hardcore Digital] 2017

  10. Kevin Instinct – Your Nightmare[Total Hardcore Digital] 2017

  11. Kevin Instinct – Spectrum [TiOS Digital] 2018

  12. Jamie Ritmen – Jack Faith [UK Dance Records] 2018

  13. Kevin Instinct – OMG [TiOS Digital] 2018

  14. Kevin Instinct - Calling Out [TiOS Digital] 2018

  15. Kevin Instinct - The Ancient Way [TiOS Digital] 2020

  16. M3-O & Kevin Instinct - Quick Love [TiOS Digital] 2020