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Ben “DJ Dawes” Dawes is a UK/Happy Hardcore DJ based in Derbyshire, UK.

Ben found his roots in hard dance music in the early 2000s. Thanks to his mother he grew up around Hard House then eventually found albums such as Bonkers & Clubland, and live sets from the New Monkey, TFI & Dizstruxshon.

In 2010 Ben started raving, at hardstyle events around the country, following one of his mates and DJ ‘Sykesy’ at Goodgreef, Harder Times, Mayhem, Atomik etc… Ben eventually  started going to UK Hardcore events and discovered his love for the music.

 It wasn’t until around 2013/2014 that he had a go at DJ’ing and he found himself putting a couple of mixes out and eventually landed his first booking in 2015 at Goodgreef Xtra Hard in Newcastle. Ben was up against Lab 4 and Andy Whitby in the other rooms on the night, he played a reverse bass set and packed the room out, and it was from that moment he knew for sure that he wanted to entertain and play music to people.

Ben continued playing Hardstyle and got another couple of bookings for WYTM doing some free party’s and then started playing Hard House and Hardcore.

In 2015 he teamed up with his friend Patrick Cullen and they formed the due Cullen & Dawes. The due went on to win the Subb Sonic and Clubland Weekender 2017 competitions (to name a couple!) and the rest is history.

Ben has performed at some of the country’s most well-known events such as Subb Sonic, Welcome To The Jungle, Ravers Reunited, HVR, Northern Underground, Pulsation, We Play Hard, One Big NYE & One Big NYD, One Big Bash (Leeds,) Zodiac and Pleasuredome.

In early 2018 Ben moved to Derbyshire around the corner from MC Dandy. The two got their heads together and the duo “Double Damage” was born. Double Damage have been running live streams recently averaging 4,000 listeners and are surly building a great following.

Ben has recently acquired a full studio set up and is turning his focus to production and with his signing to TiOS you will see his work on the label in the near future!