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MC & Host

Danny “MC Dandy” Dunbar is an MC, Host and 1 half of the duo “Double Damage” based in Derbyshire, UK.

Danny found his love for UK Hardcore music in 2004 aged 12 when he used to walk around with his Samsung d500 phone and a little speaker ‘smashing out Darren Styles’.

Danny first started MC’ing in 2015 when he linked up with Eruption for some help and guidance. Immediately Danny became ‘hungry’ for it and the more work he put in the faster his name was getting about. He had a few early bookings which made his passion grow stronger.

In late 2015 Danny joined with MCs Marko, Daze and 2shots to form the original Core Squad group. As part of the group Danny had the opportunity to perform at some of the region’s well-known events such as EBBBB, Born 2 be Hardcore, TFI, Zodiac, Northern Underground, Subb Sonic as well as the Midnight set at 02 academy one big Nye. In 2016 Danny also won both the New Wave and Energized competitions.

By 2017 Danny took his first solo main stage booking at New Wave after a short break he has returned with more ambition and hunger than ever and is now focussing on the new Double Damage duo he has formed with DJ Dawes which has gone from strength to strength.

In 2019 he played her first international set at Unity In The Sun where he was blessed with the opportunity to play alongside legends such as Scott Brown and Vinylgroover.

Dandy continues to follow his passion and pushing TiOS and Double Damage.