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Richard “Bridgey-B” Bridgeman is a multi-genre Producer based in Wales, UK.

It was back in the early 2000s at the tender age of 11 when Bridgey first heard the dance/club act Sash. He recollects “instant goosebumps” and he  knew from then on dance music was his love. A few years later, around 2003/4, he was introduced to the legendary Bonkers Albums and there it was, his dreams and prayers were answered. With the faster paced vocal anthems, it was love at first sound and ever since then he has always had a special love for Hardcore.

For Bridgey it was a lifelong dream to be an artist, but it wasn’t until 2020 when the Coronavirus lockdown hit the UK he finally managed to find the time to get the ball rolling to become the producer he always dreamed of.

Since then and into 2021 Bridgey went from strength to strength with his productions even earning a number 8 spot in the Beatport Charts and a number 1 spot on Juno with his fantastic collaboration with the well-known US producer Nobody which was released on Justice Hardcore (“Bridegey-B & Nobody – I Can Feel”). Bridgey has also collaborated with the likes of Riko on releases for Contagious Records.

Bridgey is set to make big waves and is a very welcome addition to the TiOS family!


  1. Riko & Bridgey-B - Wonderland [Contagious Records] 2020

  2. Riko & Bridgey-B - Tell me a Lie [Contagious Records] 2021

  3. Bridgey-B & Nobody - I Can Feel [Justice Hardcore] 2021

  4. Pez & Bridgey-B - How Can I [TiOS Digital] 2021